Kony satire, commuting woes, phone sex and 3D sheep

With a host of channels broadcasting 24 hours of programming every day you could have easily missed some of the televisual highlights of the week. But have no fear as TV Talk helps out by pinpointing the shows you should have watched this week.

10 O’Clock Live

Whilst I suggest that you should watch this show each week anyway, Charlie Brooker was at his best this week with his satirical rant about the Kony2012 campaign. The rant was sparked off by a 30 minute video encouraging people to get Ugandan leader Joseph Kony out of power. Although this seemed like a good cause it was eventually revealed that a lot of the information was dubious at best and the group behind the video spent more time and resources campaigning about doing good than being good.

Anyway Brooker says it better, so catch up on this week’s take on the news on 4OD.

The Tube

You might think nothing of your daily commute to work, but the BBC’s series The Tube shows what really happens at tube stations all the time.

Whilst showing the in jokes had by workers on the underground, such as the numbering for system for the various things that might need to be cleaned up instead of announcing what really needs to be cleaned up over the tannoy.

Yet it also deals with the harsh reality of train driving too, most notably deaths. This part of the show really demonstrates how when you are travelling if something gets in the way with your destination then most in the heat of the moment don’t really care if it is because somebody was just run over by a train.

It’s also interesting because no matter whereabouts in the country you live you will more than likely have been on some part of the underground network. So when one episode focused on upgrading the Metropolitan Line at Harrow on the Hill it made me think of home as I pass that station to get home.

You can catch up with the whole series so far on iPlayer.

My Phone Sex Secrets

An unexpectedly amazing show and don’t be put off by the title as the show is the furthest thing away from smut imaginable. The documentary looked at people who make a living from doing the naughty talking on sex phone lines. And it is completely different to what you expect – middle aged ladies having a laugh and students needing a bit of cash.
Whilst being an interesting topic it is also worth it to see nonchalant women doing mundane things like making a cup of tea manage to make men … very excited.

Watch the show here on 4OD.

Shaun the Sheep 3D shorts

Now this one is unfortunately limited to just people with Nintendo’s 3DS, but each week Aardman is releasing a free minute or so long 3D video of what Shaun and his farmyard friends get up to behind the scenes.

So far two of these short and fun videos have been released on the gaming device which allows you to see 3D without the need for those ridiculous glasses. But there are another thirteen videos to come out allowing fans of the show to see what Shaun, Timmy, Blitzer and the farmer get up to when the cameras are turned off.